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10. No competitor will take more than one “OPEN” prize, One “Special” prize and one “Members” Cup, The Team prize is excepted.

11. Tope are excluded.  Any other fish not specified in the AT/SA branch rules measuring 23 cm or over will be allowed.

12. Competitors are requested to make themselves acquainted with any notice posted on the Broadstairs harbour jetty and the Rules and Byelaws of the Society.

13. In the event of both days fishing being cancelled due to inclement weather the competition shall be held on the reserve dates, if that too is lost, then the society will reimburse the entry fee to All competitors once a small deduction has been made to cover costs incurred.

14. On any cancelled date the pool fund for that day will be drawn for at the festival dance between the entered competitors.

15. Minimum size of fish will be as AT/SA branch rules

                             Pouting:  25.0 cm     Whiting:     27.0 cm

                             Cod:       35.0 cm     Dab:          23.0 cm

                             Plaice:     28.0 cm    Bass:         45.0 cm

16. Every competitor who has not been disqualified must weigh in their catch daily, or if nothing has been caught report accordingly.  Failure to comply with this rule without adequate cause on any one or more days may, at the discretion of the Committee, lead to disqualification for the whole of the festival.


17. A condition of entry is that a. Compass, b. Adequate distress Equipment and c. Life jackets must be carried.

18. Any protests should be submitted in writing to the Hon Secretary on the day in question.

19 Undersized fish, In the interests of conservation all undersize fish brought to the scales will be weighed and the weight deducted from the final catch weight.

Festival Rules